Tuesday, November 1, 2011

First, it is obvious that I haven't blogged in like forever, so, this is a real challenge. I'm friends with people who have challenged me to blog every day for the month of November. Today, the blog topic is What is one thing on your bucket list that you WILL do? So, I really have to give this some thought. There are a ton of things that I have on my bucket list, but with the economy being what it is, I would say that I've really cut back on dreaming big. Having said that....
I do believe that if I could only choose one thing, I would choose to be able to go back to Texas and the Shoemaker Family Reunion. You see, my mother was born into a huge family. Her father was the third child in a family of 10 children. My great grandparents had a home with some acreage in Crosby County, Texas, between the towns of Ralls and Post. When my great grandmother died she left the home and acreage in a way that it would always be in the family so that none of us would ever be homeless.

My Great Grandparents and their 10 Children

So, every year there is the Shoemaker Family Reunion, held on the first full weekend in August, in honor of my great grandfather's birthday. All the family that is able, congregate at the farm for what is "supposed" to be a one day reunion. I will tell you that for most of the family it is a three day reunion and for others it is a whole week! I've only been to this reunion twice in my whole life, having been raised in Virginia.

Most of the Original Grand children
(My mother is 4th from left back row)

My second family reunion was August 2010. My Mama died that year and we were taking her ashes to be buried in New Mexico. And I have to tell you, the experience of love at that farm is something that I absolutely crave and must have again before I die. It is amazing to go to a farm, out in the middle of nowhere, dry Texas, and find about 150 people, numerous dogs and tons of little children running around, hugging, laughing, crying, and just enjoying each other! The people who go every year, bring their campers or tents, shower under a water hose in the back yard and let the little children play in the mud! Everybody knows everybody's name and those they can't remember are just called "cuz". They even know which dog belongs to who and the dogs name! I call that LOVE!

So, my biggest bucket list desire, is to be able to take my husband, my girls, my grandbabies, to the Annual Shoemaker Reunion, just one time! I want them to feel and know for themselves the family of Love!


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Sounds like you have a trip to plan. :)

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