Friday, November 4, 2011

Day #4 - $20,000....

Day #4 of the challenge is, if you had $20,000 what would you buy?  It has to be fun stuff and can't be used for paying bills.  So, this is what I'd buy and why.

The very first thing that I would buy would be the Babylock Ellisimo.  It is a combination sewing/embroidery machine.  It has a large throat, plenty of room for machine quilting a quilt larger than a twin size and has great "stadium" lighting. 

The second thing I would buy is for my husband.  Another motorcycle.  I wouldn't be able to buy him a new Harley,but I think I could afford to buy him a used one.  Let's see, something like this:

Please notice that I chose one that would be most comfortable for the passenger!  lol  We'd really have to negotiate the price! 

After having bought those two items, I would say that I might and that would be a very big "might" have enough money for one of these:

Yep, for those that don't know...that sewing machine is THAT expensive!!  lol


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