Thursday, November 3, 2011

Well, today's blog challenge is to listen 10 things I find tacky or distasteful.  Hummmm

1.  It's tacky to be a father only when it suits your needs. 
2.  It's tacky to tell other's how to live their life, when you are not perfect yourself.  Or as Mama used to say, "Don't try to clean my cupboards, when your's aren't clean!"
3.  It's tacky to be disrespectful to your elders.
4.  It's tacky to dress like a 20 year old when you are 50 something and everything is sagging.
5.  I think UGG boots are tacky when worn in the summer...just sayin'
6.  I think it's tacky when you lay on your horn because someone didn't "go" right when the light             turned green. 
7.  It's tacky to keep others waiting.  What makes you think that their time isn't as valuable as yours?
8.  It's tacky to stare at handicapped people.
9.  It's tacky to let your underwear show, unless you're a little baby!
10.  And, because I's tacky to ask someone to make you a hand crafted item, when you don't really want to pay the price of said hand crafted item! 


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