Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Again, I am in a blog challenge.  I need more people to challenge me to do other things in my life.  So, I'm doing this and hoping I can remember to do it daily for the month of August.

Today's challenge is to tell you one food I refuse to eat and why.  So, here goes.  This was a no brainer and for anyone who knows me half-way they will know that I do NOT eat liver.  PERIOD.  It makes me gag.  The smell of it makes me gag.  As a child, when liver was served for dinner, I didn't even bother going to the table for supper.  I would just go straight to bed.  It was a rule at our house that you ate what was cooked (some of everything) or you could go to bed without supper.  Not to bed at bedtime, but straight to bed when the meal was served.  I would come home from school, smell the liver and not even wait for supper time.  I would just go straight to bed.  Liver is nasty. 
The End.


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