Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Ahhhh, it seems I've written a lot about trips this challenge.  I love to travel, though I really didn't start traveling until I met Randy.  Our dream trip is Hawaii.  So, according to the challenge we will have two free round trip tickets and $25,000 to spend on "fun, food and transportation" while at our destination. 

So, we arrive in Hawaii and we rent a Harley Davidson.  Yep, the best of the best!  Where do we head? To any and all out-lying areas.  We love back roads and sights!  We'll surely have to try some Polynesian food and attend a luau.  Of course, we'll take breaks to sit by the beach and have the beach boy bring us drinks.  :)  If we're feeling up to it we'll take a chopper ride over a volcano, I think Randy would get a kick out of that, more than me!  lol 

Yep...Hawaii it is!! 


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