Thursday, June 4, 2009

Fabric Postcards

These are fun and
easy to make! Once finished I slip them into a clear envelope sleeve and send them off! Can you imagine the smile these things bring to the mail carriers who deliver them?

This one is for World Jugglers Day!

For Sewing Machine Day

For Ice Cream Soda Day

For Smile Power Day

I am a member of a group on Cafemom, called Quilting Moms, we do fabric postcard swaps of unusual "holidays". Fabric postcards are great for a quick little piece of mail to a friend, to a shut in, or better yet as a great thing to send the troops! You really don't even have to sew them! You can simply glue fabric on them! Just so simple and fun to do!

CookieZenMilk provided the following directions for making fabric postcards:

I use fabric on the back. i use a substance called fast2fuse or peltex in the middle. it is like timtex but it has a fusible on both sides of it.


Fast2Fuse interfacing or peltex 72 interfacing ( sells it for 12 bucks a yard) i get 42 from a yard. some joann's carry it. ask for it.

Fusible web (I use steam a seam)
Scraps of fabric
Design to trace

Cut fast2fuse/peltex 4 x 6
Cut front fabric 4 x 6
Cut backing (address side) 4 x 6

Lightly iron front fabric to fast2fuse
Fuse design on front fabric (snowmen, trees)
Quilt it (optional) use a clear or colored contrasting
top thread and a white bottom thread
Turn over and iron backing fabric on (something light
colored so address will show up)

Give both sides a good press now.

Finish with satin, zigzag or fancy stitch all around

Cut ¾ inch wide strips (backed in fusible), iron to
front and fold around to back, iron

Use a pigma pen .08 to draw in details/address on back

All done. Needs a regular first class stamp, press it in
firmly and drop in mailbox.

So, give it a go! Let me see some of your creations!


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